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Tomi Cute Compact Concealed Carry Crossbody Purse *Made in America

Tomi Cute Compact Concealed Carry Crossbody Purse *Made in America

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American Made Compact Conceal Carry Purse - Meet Tomi!

We our so excited to introduce Tomi - our cutest, compact concealment purse in our Hero's line!!

Made in Fort Wayne, IN,  Made from tightly woven nylon, Tomi is lightweight, machine washable, water resistant and durable!  The perfect way to carry concealed, who would ever know THIS is a CCW Purse!

The Concealment Compartment has a unique moon shape entrance, making for a smooth easy draw.  Can be set up any angle, customize to your draw. 

Both the concealment compartment and leather holster has Velcro on both sides to ensure a secure a firm hold.  Leather Holster included.

Dimensions 9" x  1.5" x 7"

Handle Drop 28" to 53"

Concealment Compartment 9" x 6"

Named after our friend and Tomi Ledford.  Tomi is an Army Veteran's wife, Mom of 2, Full time college, student, 2A Advocate & Supporter.  

Tomi's life changed while her husband was deployed.  She came home with her 2 yr old to find her house had been broken into while visiting her mother.  Tomi took charge and made a promise to never feel like a victim again.  She joined the NRA, went to multiple firearms classes, became a certified NRA instructor, and helped start a TWAW Chapter in her home state of Oklahoma.  Tomi continues to learn about firearms a while looking to the future.  Tomi was also featured in on of the NRA Commercials.  We are thrilled to name her a Hilda's Hero!





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