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Bella Everyday Essential Conceal Carry Purse

Bella Everyday Essential Conceal Carry Purse

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Bella is an updated version of our bestselling Belladonna now NEW COLORS available!

Bella is our most recent style and is essential for any woman who loves carrying all of her important items while being organized. The main zipper opens up to separate pockets on the inside. The three-sided concealed carry pocket is located on the front of the bag and is enclosed with a heavy gauge zipper. This pocket is padded so the imprint of the gun does not show through. It is composed of vegan leather and includes a shoulder strap. It can be carried as a handbag or shoulder bag depending on your style.

Colors: Black, Dark Chestnut, Orange & Peach

Bella Dimension: W12" x H8.5" x D5"

CCW compartment: W9.5" x H6.5"

Crossbody Strap: 39" - 50"

Conceal carry satchel, concealed carry purse, ccw handbag, cameleon bella, 

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