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Tips on Conceal Carrying for Beginners

Invest in a comfortable holster or carrying device for your firearm.   You want to make sure that you are comfortable in how you carry. If you ar...

Stalked - Part 5

CLICK CLICK – the sweet sound of handcuffs locking. Best thing I’ve heard in a long time!! Stalker was then escorted out of the room. I could breathe. His ex-wife could breath. His ex-girlfriend could breath. At least for awhile anyway.

Stalked - Part 4

Honestly at this point I feel like giving up. I stopped tracking all the times I saw him, it wasn’t doing me any good. I’m calling and leaving messages for Detective Lorrie all the time, nothing is moving forward, it’s only getting worse. I’ve lost my independence, I’ve lost all peace, I’m about to lose my job, Phil is keeping the kids more and more, I’m losing my faith, and completely losing myself. Detective Lorrie encourages me to keep tracking.

Stalked - Part 3

I fear tonight is the night. The night where everything comes to a head. All I could hear is "I will kill you, I'll kill your family".

Stalked- Part 2

He believed in revenge, and it seemed like he was better at turning on the charm and telling lies then I was at telling the truth. Now I had at least 2 false police reports against me – texts and emails he created to look like they were from me. At the first PO hearing (that was denied) I already been bombarded with over 500 phones calls and even more emails & text – let alone all the in-person visits. I was feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.

Stalked - Part 1

Stalked - Part 1

Stalked - Part 1.  The 1st of a 5 part series detailing Dawn Hillyer’s Stalking experience.