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Calico Esme Handbag

Calico Esme Handbag

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Hide Hilda in Style!  More Pics coming soon!

Our new Calico series is anything but boring. Printed calico was imported into the United States from Lancashire in the 1780s, and here a linguistic separation occurred. While Europe maintained the word calico for the fabric, in the States it was used to refer to the printed design.

Go straight from the office to dinner with this irresistible top-handle bag, rendered in a sleek black-and-white finish with a small brown highlight touch that turns up the style power of any outsit it is paired with, let this classy piece add structure to flowy silhouettes and be the perfect finishing touch to a monochromatic ensemble.

W 15" x H 10.3" x D 6.6"
CCW compartment: W 13.8" x H 9.5"
handle drop: 6.9"
shoulder strap: 44" - 50"

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