Collection: Hiding Hilda Lightweight Concealed Carry Purses and Backpacks *Made in America*

You've been asking for a lightweight conceal carry handbag, ask and you shall receive! 

Is your concealed carry purse heavy even before you secure your gun?  Does the weight of your bag ever begin to hurt your shoulders?  Hiding Hilda conceal carry purses and concealment totes are the answer!  

Made of tightly woven nylon HidingHilda concealed carry purses are lightweight, water resistant, and machine washable.  Designed and manufactured in Fort Wayne, IN. 

They have a separate zippered compartment to secure your firearm, with a removable Velcro leather holster.  Can be used right or left handed.  Zipper positioned with the ability to lock. 

We all have personal hero's in our lives.  Which is why to honor them, we named each style of conceal carry HidingHilda brand purse after personal heroes. They are from all walks of life, everyday women with a lifestyle that includes concealing a firearm.  They are prepared to Be Our Own Hero. 

Be Your Own Hero! 

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