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Hiding Hilda, LLC

Hiding Hilda Rhonda Conceal Carry Mini Backpack *Made in America*

Hiding Hilda Rhonda Conceal Carry Mini Backpack *Made in America*

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We're excited to also introduce Rhonda: our Concealed Carry Mini Backpack!  Rhonda is made in America and is a Hilda's Hero!  Perfect for when you're on the go and need to carry cute conceal carry bag!!  Rhonda is not only ideal for the gym, iPad, & casual work bags, they also make a GREAT mini Diaper BAG!  

Plenty of room for full sized wallets, outside pockets make finding your essentials. It's lightweight and has the ability to lock concealment pocket (Locks not included) adds an extra layer of safety when needed.  You can so lock main compartment if you wish.

Made of tightly woven nylon, Rhonda water resistant, machine washable, durable and LIGHTWEIGHT!

Dimensions: 9.5" x 4.5" x 12"

Concealment Compartment 8" x 9"

Fits most Firearms

Rhonda is named for crusader Rhonda Ezell!  Rhonda has lead the charge in fighting for 2nd Amendment rights.  As Founder of Chicago Guns Matter,  a member of the DC Project, Lead plaintiff in Ezell VS Chicago, Rhonda has appeared on the Today Show along with a number of other media outlets.  She is a HERO AND A CHAMPION!.  

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