Stalked - Part 3



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We are now directly in the path of a self proclaimed freight train.  Stalker has made it perfectly clear he was trying to completely ruin my life, and had no boundaries.  He was also going after everyone in my life.  The PO has no effect. It has only made things worse. The legal system isn’t offering any help and is being used AGAINST me.

I have been completely humiliated publicly and personally. Business at work has fallen drastically, my children can’t play outside and are scared, some nights I can’t even go home and now he has all my personal information. Emails, contacts, pictures, everything from my computer.  I’m losing hope of help, and with all the police reports from me AND the false ones from him on me, and a PO in place on me and Chris – I feel completely helpless.  There is no doubt in my mind that if I do ANYTHING, he will somehow use it against me.  His lies and deceit seem to be more convincing than the truth of what’s happening.

With all the police reports and PO’s, it’s become a ‘he said she said’ and the waters are completely muddied.  Law enforcement could have stopped this months ago but now, there is so much going on the police don’t know which one of us is crazy and I’m sure they were hoping the case would resolve itself and quietly go away. 

Quietly go away….  I wish!!

It’s now the beginning of February. Four months into this nightmare. So, lets pick up where we left off…

Stalked - Part 3

 Stalked - Part 3

February 2

I receive the PO paperwork.  He has filed PO’s against Chris and I – and they were granted by the same judge!  I could not believe it!  It just added to the disappointment and felling helpless.   He clearly says what he’s going to do, and he very well could succeed in ruining my life. 

In his complaint he stated Chris threatened him, placed him in fear of physical harm and was stalking him at the gas station by my house (where Mike had no reason to be, but hung out quit often). You couldn’t get into or out of my addition without passing it. Little did he know that the owner of the gas station was a friend of Chris’s and we got a copy of the surveillance video!  The video shows exactly the opposite! GOT HIM.  Perjury and falsifying documents in court is a thing!  It’s not stalking but certainly this will help, at least prove he is lying.  We both went to the courthouse and filed our appeals to request hearing.  I tried to subpoena his phone records to compare against mine, comcast abuse complaint and other documents.  Those along with the video should do it!!  So, although this sucks, this might be my chance to stop him!! 

Court is scheduled for March 1st.

More and more emails continue to go out.  I'm so embarrassed.  How do I even begin to explain this to people?  He’s telling the whole city I’m a tramp, that I’ve had several abortions, I’m sleeping with everyone in town, have STD’s… Oh my God.  That's it - I make an appoint with an attorney.

February 6th

I met with my attorney with all the evidence in hand.  He let me show him everything and took the time to try to help.  His advice was that if I went after my stalker in civil court, not only would I have to foot the bill for everything, including all the transcripts, evidence, etc... but it could potentially ruin the criminal case. His suggestion – let the criminal system do its job, stay with it and to be a loud squeaky wheel, keep calling the police, and keep the trail. So that’s what I did.

He suggested I try to help guide the police in tying it all together.  Help show it couldn’t be anyone but stalker.

The attorney and put in a call to the FBI as well as the local prosecutor’s office to try to get me help. Finally, somebody is trying to help me.

February 7th

More emails going out and he is getting more aggressive and threatening.

Now, my family is aware I have a stalker.  However, my dad lives in a different state and I really hadn’t told him many details of what was going on. I was very vague about it all.  There was nothing he could do, and I wanted to keep him out of it.  And I didn’t want him to think I was being some sort of exaggerated drama queen.

Then my Dad calls….  Stalker sent MY DAD emails like the texts!  The rape texts…  (Chapter 1) Accusing my Dad of doing awful things to me and causing me to be the huge tramp I am.  My Dad is proud man, and he was PISSED.  Can you imagine?!  You’re a loving Dad of 5 kids and someone accusing you of something so awful.  I felt TERRIBLE.  I prayed my dad knew beyond a doubt that this was all the stalker.  I would never make up a story like that.  He puts in a call to Detective Lorrie.

And then these came. Emails like this were going out all over town to customers, co-workers, company owners, friends, family, and what felt like everyone I’ve ever had contact with.  Some of the people receiving emails contact me. I try to explain the situation and ask them to forward me the emails so I can keep all the documents.

 Stalked - Part 3

Right after the emails start going out to everyone, I start calling the prosecutor’s office and the number of the FBI given to me by the attorney.  After a couple calls and no answers, I finally got to speak with an FBI agent. He informed me that this isn’t in their jurisdiction and said to try the State police.  I feel like I’m running in circles!  Another call to the prosecutor’s office.

February 9th

A detective calls!  SHE’S been assigned my case!  Thank God –

An appointment is made for February 13th (My birthday) Hopefully she’ll help!  Happy Birthday to me!

**Also, I received notice that HIS subpoena’s for the PO hearing were denied.  Mine were approved.  Between the surveillance video and the subpoenaed phone records, Comcast report etc… We’ve got him!  I’m having a good day for the first time in months!

Next couple of days he’s everywhere.  I can’t go outside without seeing him.  Not to mention being bombarded with emails. 

My friend Connie and I start pouring over all the thousands of emails & text messages trying to find commonalities.  Things that can prove it is him.  We compare ALL the details.  We found all the emails have a “read notify”. We linked common verbiage, things unique to him that were consistent, we found mistakes, and intentional things that told us it was him, we tied it together.  Surely this would help!  How could they look at all of this and NOT know that it’s him!  We show that the emails directly correlate to what has or is happening, or what happened next.

 Stalked - Part 3

Stalked - Part 3

Stalked - Part 3

February 13th – My birthday.

 The highly anticipated day finally comes when I get to meet with Detective Lorrie.  I’m seeing some hope.  I pray she will listen and understand, but most of all I pray she can help me!

But my birthday didn’t start off as I would have liked. That morning Detective Lorrie calls and cancels our meeting! SHIT! GRRRRR  (Angry emoji).

 She tells me that she needs to reschedule for February 20th. At least its rescheduled but doesn't she understand that 7 days is a long time? Lord knows what could happen in 7 days - especially when the days feel like years because I'm on my toes 24/7. She assures me though with the way things are progressing, that she is going to call him and make it clear he needs to stop the contact. ALL contact.

February 15 & 16 –

He must of gotten the call from Detective Lorrie because, Here. We. Go. He is pissed.  Honestly what does he think I’m going to do though? Sit back and let him ruin my life? Hell no! His ass has it coming.. just as soon as I can get the law behind me. He finds more people to send emails to.  Now they are going out to all members of the Chamber of Commerce, other staffing services, and who knows where else! Honestly at this point, there’s probably a movie about me that he’s made and released. I called detective Lorrie letting her know he’s contacted me again and she makes another call to him.

Frustrated and annoyed that my appointment was canceled and that Mike is up to his usual shit, Chris suggest we go to Indianapolis for the weekend to get away from it. So we go. But the whole time I’m getting “anonymous” texts telling me I’m not safe.

Stalked - Part 3

The kids are with their dad and Chris has his phone incase of an emergency so I decided to take the ever so popular police advise and shut off my phone for the night! Ha. Peace and quiet.

February 20th

The rescheduled meeting with Detective Lorrie is here – Connie, by best friend, comes with me.  We bring everything.  All the phone records, emails, gifts, texts, videos, protective orders, everything.  I feel like I have one chance to show her that I am the one who is being stalked here. I’m nervous and visibly shaking.  We go in this small conference room and sit down at the table. Detective Lorrie says “before we begin, I need to ask you a question.” In her conversation with Stalker a couple days earlier, he made her promise to ask me a question.  She looked me in the eye and asked, “do you smoke marijuana?”  I guess Stalker was trying to send me a message or get me in trouble for smoking (which he also did).  Anyway, I just got to the police station, just sat down to talk to the detective. I’m nervous as hell and first thing she asked me is if I smoke weed.  Seriously.  I said yes, then proceed to beg for her help.

We had so much stuff it was overwhelming.  I wanted to get it all out so I was talking fast and showing her things even faster.  I don’t think she knew where to start, but I did feel like after showing her everything, she believed me.     

Before we know it, that conference table was covered.  I told Detective Lorrie about the video from the gas station.  She was very hesitant to watch it because if I had a video of Mike, it may prove I’m stalking him. Once she understood that it’s a security video from the gas station, she agrees to watch it. 

I tell her about his friend Bobby the police officer too and all the calls he’s made to me, contacting my parents, the fact that he was telling Stalker about the police reports etc...  She advises me to keep making police reports.

After a couple of overwhelming hours and lots of tears, Detective Lorrie sends me on my way. Assuring me that she believes me and will do what she can to help. 

February 23rd

I receive several calls from other staffing services and customers. They are receiving emails and pictures through  The same emails and pics sent to everyone else!  And they are coming into ALL open positions on the site.

* One manager called yelling at me to stop sending porn – OMG Humiliating!!*

February 24th

Everywhere I went, he was there sitting in his car watching. Lurking like some sort of predator on their prey. Then robot calls start coming in.  They are of him screaming.  They are on every phone. Mine, my work phone, Chris’s phone, Connie’s phone, my receptionist, my mothers, everywhere.  The awful demeaning messages filled up the voicemails. The more and more I heard the words, the more I believed him. “I will kill you.” He was going to kill me. Or worse, my kids. I file another police report as instructed.  Transcript below.

Stalked - Part 3

In fear, with good reason, I make another appointment with Detective Lorrie.  This day changes everything.  I pack the kids and send them to their Dad's.  I give them a kiss and tell them how much I love them.  I fear tonight is the night.  The night where everything comes to a head.  All I could hear is "I will kill you, I'll kill your family".  

I go to Chris's - he has guns.  I need an equalizer.  If he shows up, I'll be ready.  To this point, I've never handled a firearm. That night, Chris taught me the basics.  And I waited....  Stalker never came, but that night changed my life forever.  

February 26th

My meeting with detective is here. She tells me she has been working on the case and believes we can get it closed within around 3 weeks.  There is light at the end of my tunnel!  Thank God for this women.  She also told me that she started receiving “unknown” threatening phone calls at her home at all hours of the day and night.  She and her kids were also becoming unnerved.   That afternoon she and another detective came to my house to get all the headers and other information off my computer.  They are hoping to have the case closed by Spring Break! 

Detective Lorrie gives Mike a call again to remind him to leave me alone.  Knowing of course that we have court on March 1st for the PO’s he put on Chris and I, she tells him we have the surveillance tape for the PO hearing. I’m sure there was a reason, but now he knows! Dammit. I wanted the fact that he is a liar on record.  I’m sure she had her reasons, but still.

By the time February ended the case had grown dramatically.  These are just my emails.

Stalked - Part 3

March 1st

Finally PO Court again!  I’m nervous, but Chris and I are determined. Once we were called up, Mike dropped the orders.  He knew we had him on surveillance and knew he was caught in a lie. This is great but all the subpoenaed information and the notarized tape will go to waste because now we couldn’t show the ‘evidence’. I guess I shouldn’t complain though because this is a WIN for me!

That afternoon I got home in the best mood I’ve been in in months. It was a small victory for me, even though I shouldn’t have had a PO against me in the first place, at least I’m starting to prove I’m not the crazy one. Stalker didn’t see himself getting caught in that lie and I can only imagine how irate he was about that surprise.  According to Detective Lorrie, this case will be wrapped up by spring break. It’s March 1st, just two 'short' weeks. I can make it that long….

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