Stalked- Part 2


STALKED: Chapter 2

 *Readers discretion is advised*

 Catch up from last week:

Up til now he mainly targeted me.  It didn’t matter what route I took to work, or what car I drove my life was pretty routine.  I had to be at the office around 8:00am. He knew that. I had to pick up my kids by 6. He knew that too. With 3 small children by the end of the day, all I wanted to do was go home. But he was making it impossible. He is now turning my home into a place that causes fear and stress.  I’ve changed my phone number email address twice.  He found them.  My phone and email have been weaponized against me and I have been thoroughly let down by the police.  When I pulled in most mornings to work, I’d see his BMW waiting from across the creek in the ‘stalker lot’ as it came to be known.  With no job and no kids for him to focus on, I had become his full-time obsession.  He had all the time in the world to plan. 

I’m not only keeping the timeline on my stalker, but I’m so frustrated with law enforcement that I may as well track that their responses too. I hope through reading this you can all feel my pain and frustration with everything. 

M. had lost his position at the brokerage firm sometime before this.  I never really got the full story on this but from what I've hear, they (the firm and police) found his brokerage license was fake.  The numbers belonged to a woman/friend in New Jersey.  

After he was let go from the brokerage firm, he started his own business. “Michael Productions.”  He says he is now a self-employed biography producer for George Martarano to help free him from prison. He claims to be related to George and this this Mafia family. 

Since he was now a “producer” he decided he wanted to do a documentary on me.  He wanted to help me with an eye condition I have.  (Neovascularization caused by contacts) At the time I was working with Coopervision on a remedy. He knew about this and injected himself and ran with it.

I don’t know if he saw potential for money, or if it was a way to ‘rescue’ me, but he was determined to ‘help’.  Many of the emails referenced this.  According to the Detective’s interview transcripts, Mike says he raised money, $82,000 to be exact, through grants. With this money he arranged an oversees surgery and is planning to document the entire thing.  He says I ruined everything for him by reporting him to the police. He says I took all his money and he has nothing now.  I’m the one who should be apologizing to him and he wants nothing more than to just help me! Ok, now  that’s just crazy! 

**He even created emails to look like that were from Coopervision - which I turned into their legal department hoping they would want to pursue these fraudulent emails.  

People couldn’t necessarily tell if he was a good guy or bad guy at first (although now everyone - except the police -  say they knew he was bad right away). He used this to his advantage. He considered himself the smartest person in the room. No matter who was in the room, he was always “better and smarter”. 

That made him dangerous and invincible. 

He believed in revenge, and it seemed like he was better at turning on the charm and telling lies then I was at telling the truth.  Now I had at least 2 false police reports against me – texts and emails he created to look like they were from me.  At the first PO hearing, that was denied, I had already been bombarded with over 500 phones calls and even more emails and text. That’s not even counting the countless in-person visits.  I was feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.

Although I felt alone and abandoned by those that were supposed to protect me (Law Enforcement), I was so very lucky to work with my best friend Connie at a small family owned staffing agency.  She was by my side through everything and helped me keep my sanity.  She was there for it all including most of the police reports – and do you know, they never once took a statement from her.  We’ll get into that later….

The powers that were at the staffing agency I worked for, put up with a lot.  By this time we were locking the doors, not accepting walk-ins, I stopped going to networking events, calling clients on the phone was pretty much impossible, and I closed off to most everyone. There were only 3 of us in the office when this all started.  I was getting close to my future husband Chris. I had known Chris for about a year. I wouldn’t date him because of my ‘issue’ – Before getting to know him we simply referred to him as “Hot Guy” haha.  It’s true, God provides what and who you need on his time.  Chris was this tall, smart, strong, good looking man, who wasn’t scared away or deterred by my baggage.  His strength and support were exactly what I needed. But this was new, and Mike made it clear he wasn’t going anywhere.

As much as I wanted to be protected at the time, I wanted to protect Chris from my crazy stalker.

I was with Connie all day every day during work. I would sometimes spend the night at her house with her family when I didn’t feel safe to be home alone.  I spent a lot of evenings at Chris’s as well.  I do have to say, it is amazing how lonely you get when you feel like you can never be alone. 

Thank God, I’m blessed with a great guy for an ex-husband.  He took the kids whenever I needed.  He would have done anything to protect our children and myself. He even helped install motion lights in the backyard and a peephole in the front door. I get emotional thinking about my kids because well, this was all taking its toll on them too. I felt powerless at times when it came to protecting my kids.

I had a baseball bat by each door and one in each bedroom at my house and Chris moved his gun safe from the basement to the main floor and gave me the combination.

Ok, Back to the story….

Court again.  He appealed the 2nd PO.  I’m terrified. Scared to see him, who will be there and what will he say/do?  This time Chris and Connie come with my parents. He comes with police office Bobby and his friend L & L.  Mike admits to the magistrate that he sent the emails but said he meant no harm by them.  After hours in court, finally, the two year PO was ordered to stay!  Notified in open court.  Obviously, mike was outraged with this decision and tried to argue it. The magistrate explained to him that he had to leave me alone or would be in violation and would be arrested.  I felt relief.  Maybe he would finally stop! Given the history though I’m not to hopeful here was no way I was staying home alone! Besides, Chris had guns at his house. 

3:00am JANUARY 12th

The phone rang. It was Mike calling again on Chris’s landline.  We made another report and unplugged the phone. Certainly, something would be done this time.  Wrong again.  They called him, explained the PO again and warned him he would go to jail if he continued.  He said he understood.

***Every time they contact him, it’s like giving a crackhead more crack!


 The police are really getting through to him this time….not. More calls back to back to Chris’s house.  Again, I report him to the police. The calls seem to stop while police are here but as soon as they leave, they start back up. I finally tell Chris to disconnect the phone. No more landline. That should help.


Emails are coming from various yahoo and a Hushmail account.  Hushmail is a server that bounces all over the world making it near impossible to trace an IP address.  The emails were all in 3rd person, all caps, erratic, and almost in code. I believe he created them to look like the were from his friends in the mob, or my imaginary "ex-friends" to make it look as though he was a victim too. 

 Stalked- Part 2

Stalked- Part 2


These continued through the weekend.  Hundreds of them.  On Monday, January 22nd I got to work after not being on my phone or computer all weekend to find I had been locked out of my own account.  I called Comcast abuse hotline and changed my email address & account details and opened a case.  I knew it was him.  I filed another police report but guess what, same outcome.  Why won’t they DO SOMETHING! I have now filed over 15 police reports on the same person, been to court twice, and have proof that this guy is clearly breaking the rules of his PO. I am so frustrated with law enforcement.  I always thought they were there to protect us – why won’t they protect me?

Over the next couple of days, I started receiving emails, screenshots, and photos from MY computer from these anonymous emails!  Same crazy format in the commentary, easily 50+ of them.  I even got emails he created to look like they were from me, sent to him, yet forwarded by someone else.   Then another, that shows he is being contact by the real hackers…


Stalked- Part 2

***Yeah, trace that!  Can you imagine doing all of this!?  That many times!?  He’s dedicated to say the least.  It’s no wander the police are confused.  But come on!! I’m starting to think he was smarter than the police.


Stalked- Part 2


So now he has everything with the ability to create whatever narrative he wants with all of it. Contacts, private photos, private emails, private documents - everything.  Shit.  To make it worse, he’s sending me samples of doctored photos. What was he planning to do?!

***Shit shit shit – he has 2 topless photos I sent to L when he was away on a business trip – SHIT!!!


That’s odd.  I received a denial notice from the court. Mike was trying to get the PO Dissolved and wanted the magistrate to recuse himself.  Glad they denied it – but it also started the next wave.  This is the judgement on January 26th. 


Stalked- Part 2


January 27th – Well apparently the judge denying his requests makes him mad so he starts showing back up.  I see him in my addition two times and Chris’s addition two times. I file another police report.  There response this time was there was no evidence since he wasn’t there now…  but they will give him a call.  Thanks again, law enforcement!



He has somehow found my new phone number and email address. Here we go again.   

 Stalked- Part 2

Stalked- Part 2


Oh the dreaded day of January 29tH . I came into work as usual, but only to find that emails AND pictures have been sent to several of my clients, friends, Chris, my co-workers and….my parents. OH Good Lord!  Where is a rock to crawl under! I quickly had to address the situation. Some people in my office I didn’t know very well but now we’re as close as can be! I try to make light of the situation, it’s the only thing to do. If there was somebody who didn’t know what was going on, now they do. Ultimately, Mike was just creating witnesses for me in the long run. Even though that may to this day be one of the most embarrassing things that’s happened to me.

Stalked- Part 2

After addressing everyone that has now seen more of me than they wanted, I changed email address again, - He had to see the email address every time he did something.  That passively aggressively gave me some satisfaction. Pest.


His friend Bobby, the police officer, calls my parents again. Demanding this time that I need to apologize and drop the PO.

I get tons of emails from “my former friends” saying I just need to call him and talk to him so I can apologize and then he can make it all go away.

Stalked- Part 2



 5 DAYS after THE SAME Judge denied Mike his request to remove the PO – He grants Mike a PO on ME! – You heard me right, Mike filed a PO against me AND it was GRANTED!  He uses his fake texts and emails to file I am beside myself.  Pissed, frustrated, abandoned, HOW can he be getting away with this?  How are they buying his crap?  All they must do is look at it!  I do not understand.  If he would have given me a black eye, this would have been over, instead he is literally trying to ruin my life, and somehow that’s fine.  Why won’t they help me??  Now I’m the one that must go file the appeal. 

Before I get the call that there is a PO on ME, (MAJOR eye roll here) I get this email…

Stalked- Part 2

He is also sending out more emails to all my contacts at the same time making it look like I’m stalking him, and my friends are really the ones stalking me!  He’s put a ton of work into this…

Speaking of friends, I’ve lost several by now.  I can’t do anything without him interrupting. Some people thought it wasn’t that bad, I should suck it up and not let it bother me.  Others thought I was being a drama queen, and some were scared to be around me for their own safety. But mostly, I pushed them away. I didn’t want them involved.  Both out of humiliation and to protect them.  Mike had no boundaries and the last thing I need is to get more people close to me involved.


He’s hanging out around my work.  I’ve seen him three times so far.  I called police and made a report.  I turned in everything again and begged for help. I told the police I’m losing my mind. Please help me! All he did was called him and again requested him to stop. 


Mike has now filed for a PO on Chris!  Same Judge.  Are you kidding me??  I’m still mad about it to this day. In his complaint he stated Chris threatened him, placed him in fear of physical harm and was stalking him at the gas station by my house (where Mike had no reason to be, but hung out quit often – couldn’t get into or out of my addition without passing it.)  Little did he know that the owner of the gas station was a friend of Chris’s and we got a copy of the surveillance video!  The video shows exactly the opposite! HAH! GOT HIM.  Perjury and falsifying documents in court is a thing!  It’s not stalking but certainly this should help.  We both went to the courthouse and filed our appeals to request hearing.  I tried to subpoena his phone records to compare against mine. I got the comcast abuse complaint and other documents.  Those along with the video should do it!!  So, although this suck, this might be my chance to stop him!!  Court is scheduled for March 1st.


As more and more emails go out, I decided to meet with an attorney. With all the evidence in hand, he let me show him everything and took the time to try to help.  He was the first person who told me the legal system moved like glaciers.  He wasn’t kidding!  He was a prominent attorney and put in a call to the FBI as well as the local Prosecutors office to try to get me help.  His advice was that if I went after Mike in civil court, not only would I have to foot the bill for everything, including all the transcripts, evidence, etc... and it could potentially ruin the criminal case. His suggestion – stay with it and to be a loud squeaky wheel.

I’m really trying to hold it together here.  I have 3 kids, and they are watching.  I can’t give up, but I want to.  I want to run away.  The next couple of days me, all of my contacts, the Chamber of Commerce, other staffing services, literally EVERYONE I know is getting these emails.  I am so embarrassed!  Where is a rock I can crawl under??  This is humiliating!  And WHY won’t the police help me?  I mean with all the stuff coming in from both sides, I get it’s confusing for police, they may not know which one of us is telling the truth - but all they have to do is LOOK.  Maybe put some pieces together, it’s all there.  Just LOOK at it! It’s literally your job.

When will this end?  How far will he go and why is the only thing the police are willing to do is give him a warning call. HOW MANY WARNINGS DOES HE NEED BEFORE YOU TAKE ACTION ON IT? By now the desk sergeant knows my name.  Not that that helps, but that’s how many times I’ve reported him and how many times nothing has happened from it. Every time something happens you can see the snowball, the retaliation – and every time I report him, he sees that nothing happens and he gets more and more confident. He feels unstoppable. He has the law fooled, and I’m his puppet in his crazy show.  

Why won’t anyone help me.

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Dawn OMG!!!! Ive been putting myself in your shoes as I’ve been reading this and I cant help but feel just how helpsless you had felt. I am so happy you took the time to write this and share your story with all of us. You are such an inspiration to me and I am so lucky to know what an amazing person you are!

Heather Suprenant

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