About Us

After being stalked for years, Dawn, the founder of Hiding Hilda, decided that she no longer wanted to live in fear of her attacker. After countless attempts with law enforcement and no luck with them helping her, she decided to take the situation under her own control. She started studying and researching concealed carry classes around her. She was able to obtain her license very quickly and soon after purchased her very first firearm. Knowing that she was protected wherever she went allowed her to slowly rebuild her life and not live in the fear her attacker installed in her. Thankfully her attacker got put behind bars and Dawn never had to use her right to bare arms against him but being able to know that she had it if she ever needed it for her or her children gave her a sense of protection wherever she went. Dawn named her first firearm Hilda, and that is where the idea blossomed for Hiding Hilda. With a personal experience that could have had very different outcome, she wanted to start a business that helped women in the same situation and beyond! The Hiding Hilda store showcases fashionable ways to conceal carry. We specialize in being your one stop shop for all things concealed carry and offer an option to make everyone feel comfortable conceal carrying. If you're visiting our store looking for a new concealed carry purse or you just stumbled across us, we hope you take away one thing with. Never rely on anyone for your protection. Always, Be Your Own Hero.