The Meaning Of Our Brand

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“Be Your Own Hero”

Welcome to Hiding Hilda! Thank you for visiting and taking steps to Be Your Own Hero!

HidingHilda was born out of the want of style and the need for protection. I (Dawn Hillyer) didn't start shooting for sport, it was out of fear. Being truly afraid for not only my life, but my children's lives - I had to take the necessary steps to protect us from a relentless stalker, Michael McClellan. The ordeal began in October of 2006, McClellan was eventually sentenced to 2 Felony Stalking charges and 10 years in prison in March of 2012. Yes, 6 long years with no peace.

While going through the ordeal I kept a low profile. (As low as I could being in sales and marketing). During that time, everything was under HidingHilda. Hiding – what I was doing at the time, and Hilda – Hillyer, Dawn. If someone would have told me HidingHilda would be a thing I wouldn't have believed them.

I needed to get my life back, and I needed to Be My Own Hero. I needed to be able to protect myself and my family.

Fast Forward...Hilda is the name of my first gun, Hilda help me take control of my safety and my life.

Now, I'm still Hiding Hilda, but now I'm living out loud! HH is a part of who I am. I hope to help you on whatever journey you're on!

Remember, Protective Orders are a piece of paper, and the Police can’t be there to protect you all the time. If you make the decision to carry, then awesome! We promote ongoing training, ladies shooting groups, and encourage practice, so you can BE YOUR OWN HERO!

Where fashion meets protection.

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Our mission

We hope to encourage you in taking the next steps to not become a victim. We want to help you and show you how to properly carry and operate a firearm so that if you do ever find yourself in a less than ideal situation, you're not only prepared, but comfortable protecting yourself, your family, or others in danger.