About HidingHilda

Hi, my name is Dawn Hillyer, I am the owner of HidingHilda LLC. How I came to this has been quite a journey. I’m so thankful to be able to help empower women and take safety and protection into their own hands.  I couldn’t do this without the help and support of my Husband, Mom, Kids, Family, and Friends.

HidingHilda LLC was born out of the need for peace of mind, and the want of style. Carrying Concealed Weapons is not something to take lightly. Safety is of the utmost importance, but being a business professional, I had an image to uphold, fringe and studs weren’t going to cut it.

HidingHilda is where protection meets style.

The story behind HidingHilda…. I had a stalker beginning in October of 2006, he was finally convicted of 2 felony counts of Stalking in March of 2012, Sentenced to 10 years. He served 3 of his 10 years obtaining college degrees and was released in April 2015 – with no notice.  In November 2015, he violated his parole and returned to prison and is currently awaiting his hearing.  Thank God I didn’t procrastinate.  He wasn’t supposed to be eligible for parole until Feb of 2017 – Imagine my surprise when he was released… But I digress…

While going through the ordeal I hid out for 2 years, everything was under HidingHilda. Hiding – what I was doing at the time, and Hilda – my log in at work… Hillyer, Dawn. And now, although I have several carry options – Hilda is my go to – the name of my Glock 380. HidingHilda is part of who I am.

I get calls from all over the country from people who are being Stalked and can’t find help, this is how you to protect yourself. Protective Orders are a piece of paper, and the Police can’t be there to protect you all the time.

HidingHilda donates a portion of it proceeds to training and resources for Stalking Victims and Advocates.

An active member of the NRA.



My case was the Season 4 Premiere of “Stalked: Someone’s Watching” the episode was titled “Twist of Hate” It originally aired on December 14th, 2014. And I was interviewed by Katie Couric, also in December 2014. My goal is to encourage and empower women to protect themselves. You have the right to protect yourself.