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3 Up-and-Coming Concealed-Carry Purse Brands You Should Try by Tatyana Gray September 11, 2017

3 Up-and-Coming Concealed-Carry Purse Brands You Should Try
by Tatyana Gray September 11, 2017

What girl does not like a designer handbag? And what can be better than a designer concealed-carry purse? I know ... I know ... It's a constant debate whether you should concealed-carry in a bag or not.

But, this article is not about the pros and cons of CCW purses. This article is about the amazing designer brands making these concealed carry bags for us. Check them out!

1. Hiding Hilda

Hiding Hilda was started by Dawn Hillyer in January 2015. Dawn started concealed-carrying because of her long ordeal with a stalker (read Dawn's full story here). However, like many women, Dawn struggled to find feminine and styling CCW options out there.

And as most of us do, Dawn took matters into her own hands and started designing and making concealed-carry purses that can help women like her, and like you and me, carry safely and in-style.

Hiding Hilda's concealed-carry purses are Made in the USA, and we're proud to be an authorized retailer for this wonderful brand.


Cameleon is definitely out there to make the most colorful CCW bags for us, ladies! This brand uses Vegan Leather, a form of lightweight and durable faux leather, in many of its bags. Not only that, but vegan leather allows for the most vibrant colors to be utilized, which last (almost) forever with no maintenance. (Read more about Cameleon here.)

If you are looking for a bold and stylish accessory for your concealed-carry needs, you must give Cameleon Bags a try.


Lady Conceal is committed to providing excellent quality at a reasonable price. With their elegance and vibrant styles, each concealed-carry purse promotes a strong passion for quality, design, and the art of real craftsmanship.

Knowing safety is paramount, all Lady Conceal purses are crafted with YKK locking concealment zippers to ensure the well being of curious children.

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