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Tactical Walls Tissue Box

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Solve a home defense issue with the “Issue” Box from any location in the home. Remember: quick access at any location within the home is a great feature for any home defense plan. This decorative tissue box cover comes with a 9″x4.75″x1.5″ customizable foam pad for the base.

Your new Issue Box will come with 1 box of standard 2-ply facial tissue in a package measuring 8.875″ long, 4.625″ wide, 2″ tall. That’s right, the Issue Box doesn’t just look good and hide your weapon, it also provides the same functionality of a typical tissue box.

The Issue Box DOES NOT LOCK. Special considerations need to be made for state and local jurisdictions where firearm storage laws apply. As well as the consideration to whom may have access to the room the Issue Box is in.