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Tactical Walls Tactical Lamp

Tactical Walls Tactical Lamp

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The Tactical Lamp will shed light on your home defense plan. This fully functional U.S. made decorative lamp has a soft loop side Velcro lined hidden compartment that is 6″W x 9″H x 4″D. To access your secret cache, simply pull the detachable panel off the front of the base. A retention magnet placed behind the insert make access and storage of your hardware even more convenient.

The base of the lamp is made from Poplar and Baltic Birch. The base is 11.5″H x 9″W x 7.25″D. The insert is made from US sourced ABS plastic. The natural colored linen shade is 9″H x 6″W at the top x 13″W at the bottom. Some minor assembly is required.

The Tactical Lamp DOES NOT LOCK. Special considerations may need to be made for state and local jurisdictions where firearm storage laws apply. Additional considerations may need to be made for who might have regular access to this non-locking storage option.