Man-PACK® Classic 2.0

Man-PACK® Classic 2.0 "Platinum" Leather Messenger Bag

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This beast of a Man-PACK messenger bag is the Classic 2.0 with a few minor revisions for the Platinum premium leather edition. Weighing in at a hefty 3 lbs., you’ll know that you’re wearing a beast on your back. The leather is soft and supple, while still thick and durable. This ain’t your momma’s purse. It’s a mack-daddy pack. Probably the last bag you’ll ever buy. Unless someone steals it from you, which they may try… because this bag is that flippin’ AWESOME!

Stylish sling design

Large main compartment for 8″x11″ files, iPads, Kindles, and small laptop PCs

Adjustable chest strap with utility pocket

Four interior utility pockets for wallet, business cards, pocket change, etc

Concealed pocket for tablet PC or concealed carry firearms

Order our strap extension for persons over 6 ft. or greater than 38 in. waist.

Right-hand draw or Left-hand draw