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Breah Cross Body Leather Purse by Cyndees Conceal Carry

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Introducing our beautiful yet functional cross carry purse with Lace flap. It is available in three gorgeous leathers. Brown, Grey and Navy leather. The single strap adjust from 25″ to 50″, you decide exactly where you want to purse to sit on your side. The lace flap has a magnetic snap closure. All liners are paisley in design. Interior has three “open” pockets on one side and a zippered pocket on the opposite side. Recessed zipper across the top of the purse allows you to close it completely. The carry pocket is the width of the entire purse and accessible from either side using locking zippers with 4″ loop on both sides of the pocket. We recommend locking the side that you will not be using to access your firearm (eliminating the possibility of grabbing the muzzle). It has an adjustable holster with snapping back straps, This will allow you to set the position of the firearm and secure it exactly. It will be in the same place every time. It includes a Cyndee’s Conceal Carry coin to use as a marker. Once you have your pistol secure, put the purse on your shoulder and attach the coin. When you pick up your purse from any angle, you will know which side of the purse to put to the front and outside for convenient access to your firearm, if necessary. This purse is very functional as well as beautiful. This purse is perfect for traveling or when you need to use both hands.