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Cowboy by Ukoala Bags - HidingHilda, LLC

Cowboy by Ukoala Bags

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This bag is rough and ready! The Cowboy is made from genuine, top-quality leather. Our production involves an exclusive washing and drying process which gives this bag a distinct, edgy, yet vintage western look. This awesome bag is perfect for conceal-carry, and the dual-pocket front allows for extra organization. 

IDEAL FOR: Motorcyclists, Concealed Carriers, Everyday Wear, Event Attendance, Dog Walking, Travelers

As with all Ukoala Bags, the brown interior cloth is silky, soft, and durable. The Cowboy's two adjustable straps make for an easy and comfortable fit, with the belt-leg strap providing an extra level of security. All of our bags are also made to accommodate an optional detachable holster system (sold separately).

Cowboy is available in the following colors in our top-quality leather:

  • Black Stallion
  • Saddle

A leather belt keeper (to contain excess belt tail) is included with your Cowboy purchase. We recommend adding the optional waist belt extension ($6.99) to your order if you plan to wear your Cowboy in the cross-body or backpack configuration, or if you simply want extra length in your waist belt.


Available Accessories Sold Separately

  • A removable holster system in nylon or gun-specific, vacuum-molded Kydex for use in either of the two separate and distinct compartments
  • Waist Belt Extension (adjustable from 12" to 19"; when paired with the original strap, fits waist size 66") 
  • Wallet
  • Water bottle holder


Compact: 9" x 11" (Main Compartment: 5" x 7.5" x 1.75")
Standard: 10" x 12" (Main Compartment: 5.5" x 8" x 1.75")

BELT SIZES (included with bag):
Leg Belt: Adjustable from 10" to 22" (fits leg size of up to 33")
Waist Belt: Adjustable from 18" to 47" (fits waist size of up to 54")

Fits as snug as a Koala hug!

As with all Ukoala bags, the Cowboy is lovingly made by hand. 

We back all of our bags with a 10-year warranty on all zippers, buckles, and hardware.