On Body Conceal Carry

The most secure way to carry concealed is to carry on your person.  There are so many ways and places it is sometimes challenging to find what works best for you.  Lifestyle is very important. Clothing is very important.  Is imprinting important?  Does your body type allow comfort and easy access to your firearm?  Can you rely on muscle retention in a panic situation?  All of these things should be taken into consideration otherwise you can spend a lot of money on unused holsters.  We carry the best, most comfortable, and functional holsters on the market.  

Our Pistol Wear Holsters are comfortable, lightweight, and made for activewear.  Dene Adams offers a variety of concealment corsets, leggings, and shapewear all with special trigger pocket with trigger guard.  Nickel & Lace are compression concealment camisoles that conceal more then just your firearm!  Then there's Ukoala Bags.  Ukoala is the best of both worlds of on and off body.  You have a bag that can conceal as well as room for your stuff, yet it's strapped to your body!  

Check out our variety of on-body conceal carry options!