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Phoenix by Ukoala Bags

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The Phoenix is one of our favorite EDC/CCW concealed-carry bags due to its high-quality build and design. Note that the compact sized bag is intended for .380 or bodyguards; larger sized handguns are best for the standard size Phoenix. Both sizes are made of an ultra high-quality water-resistant nylon which is lightweight yet durable.  With a sophisticated design including antique and vintage, muted brass smoking buckle and hardware, the Phoenix bag portrays an intense, rustic feel - built tough to last, like a bag should be. Check out the difference between the compact and standard Phoenix.

U can also create your own look with the exchangeable front cover flap (doubles as a wrist wallet too!). 

IDEAL FOR: Concealed Carriers, Travelers, Minimalists, Motorcyclists, Everyday Use, Shopping, Horseback Riding

For our CCW customers, the Phoenix features a quick-draw, covered or hand-breach design. A removable holster system is available (sold separately) for use in either of two separate, and distinct compartments.  The main compartment of our standard size bag will accommodate a full-size semi automatic.  Employing a strong magnetic closure instead of a zipper, the secondary compartment is also lined with Velcro® and recommended for the holstering of small sizes.

The Phoenix is equipped with a mesh back to minimize sweating, a hidden back pocket, a single front pouch (made to fit any size phone), and a side pocket for securing other self defense or personal items.

As with all Ukoala Bags, the brown interior cloth is silky, soft, and durable. The Phoenix’s two adjustable straps allow an easy and comfortable fit, and our belt-leg strap adds an extra measure of security.

Phoenix is available with the following options:

  • Compact Size (Color Choices: Black, Brown, Purple)
  • Standard Size (Color Choices: Black, Brown, Purple)

A leather belt keeper is included to contain any excess belt tail when the waist strap is adjusted for fit. We recommend purchasing the optional waist belt extension ($6.99) if you plan to wear your Phoenix in the cross-body or backpack configuration, or if you simply want some extra length.

Available Accessories Sold Separately  

  • A removable holster system in nylon or vacuum-molded Kydex for use in either of the two separate, and distinct compartments
  • Belt Extension (adjustable from 12" to 19"; when paired with original strap, fits waist size 66")
  • Wallet
  • Water bottle holder



Compact: 9" x 11" (Main Compartment: 5" x 7.5" x 1.75")
Standard: 10" x 12" (Main Compartment: 5.5" x 8" x 1.75")

BELT SIZES (included with bag):
Leg Belt: Adjustable from 10" to 22" (fits leg size of up to 33")
Waist Belt: Adjustable from 18" to 47" (fits waist size of up to 54")

Fits as snug as a Koala hug!

As with all Ukoala bags, the Phoenix is lovingly made by hand.
We back all our bags with a 10-year warranty on all zippers, buckles, straps and hardware.