Outer Thigh Holster Shapeware Shorts by Dene Adams

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The Dene Adams® Outer Thigh Holster Shorts securely holsters and conceals your gun or personal protection device in a sub-layer of the body shaping compression shorts. The thigh holster is made of a soft supportive Lycra. A high waist smooths the tummy and a clean finish around the base of your thigh prevents rolling or riding up of the short.

For Gun Carriers: The Outer Thigh Holster can securely holster up to two micro to full-size guns. With two identical holster compartments, one on each thigh this holster is ambidextrous. You may choose to use the extra holster to store up to three double stack magazines. Both holster compartments have a sturdy built-in trigger guard and break away retention tab for a fast draw.

  • Two secure ambidextrous holster compartments
  • Each with a built-in Trigger Guard for added protection
  • Fast breakaway retention tabs holster your gun(s) or personal protection device(s) securely in place
  • Holsters any personal protection device, ie. taser, pepper blaster, knife, stun gun
  • Holsters up to two full sized guns
  • Fast and smooth draw time
  • Great for all seasons, all day/night wear
  • Holds your gun or personal protection device secure so it won't bounce around with vigorous movement

Gun Fit:  All Micro Compact Single-stack pistols up to your full size 7.4” frame handgun.

DetailsNude Lycra. Hand wash and line dry for optimal care. 

Made in the U.S.A.