Zipper Tank Conceal Carry Corset by Dene Adams

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When it comes to concealment, accessibility, and comfort for extended wear, the Dene Adams® line of essential holsters is unlike anything else available. Our concealed carry tank zipper holsters allow you to holster your weapon in a sub-layer of the compression pulling your personal protection device to your body. 

  • Fast breakaway retention tab holsters your personal protection device securely in place
  • Fast and smooth draw time
  • Holsters any personal protection device, ie. taser, pepper blaster, knife, stun gun or a gun
  • Great for all seasons, all day/night wear
  • First soft holster with trigger protection 
  • Measures and stays true to size
  • Dene Adams® Horse is printed on the front in a light silver

    Gun Fit: Compact to Micro (up to 7.9 inches)
    Closure: Zipper Closure

    Black Lycra and black mesh with zipper closure. Hand wash and line dry for optimal care.