Collection: Cameleon Concealed Carry Purses, Handbags & Conceal Carry Backpacks

Looking for a fashion forward concealed carry purse or trendy conceal carry backpack?

Check out our Cameleon Conceal Carry Collection!

Cameleon is a market leader and trendsetter when it comes to concealed carry bags for men and women. Our overarching objective is to provide our customers with value for their money in the form of high-quality products. In order to achieve this aim, Cameleon develops its bags using vegan leather; a form of faux leather of a supreme standard. This supreme material ensures that all Cameleon Bags are lightweight, tough, water and wear-resistant as well as comfortable.

After conducting extensive research into the marketplace, Cameleon recognized that consumers were being forced to choose between functional and style with regards to concealed carry bags. Thus, Chameleon’s product offerings (in both our men and women’s lines) are designed to provide these consumers with a wide variety of bags that offer the perfect mixture of fashion and feasibility. Contemporary consumers want a bag that can retain its color and shape with a minimum maintenance and hence, we utilize vegan leather whilst developing all our items.

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