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Claypso Conceal Carry Tote - HidingHilda, LLC

Claypso Conceal Carry Tote

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Hailed historically as the Nymph that successfully detained Odysseus, Calypso is a master negotiator and an artist coercion. We felt that this bag earned this title due to its sleek simplicity; it is the perfect complement to a power outfit. When you are ready to seal the deal or just feel fashionable and professional at the same time, don’t leave the home without it. It is made for the tough negotiator, and its accessories will help you fit the bill.

As with all Cameleon gun bags, Calypso features cut-proof wiring reinforcing all of its straps. Has 2 firearm entry points in a separate, Velcro holstered compartment that can be accessed right or left handed. 

Colors: Black & White and Red & White

Dimensions: 13.5" x 11" x 5"

CCW Compartment: 5" x 8"

7" Handle Fit