Tips on Conceal Carrying for Beginners

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  1. Invest in a comfortable holster or carrying device for your firearm.


You want to make sure that you are comfortable in how you carry. If you are more comfortable in wearing a holster so you can carry on your body, then that’s how you should carry. If you are more comfortable with your firearm being in a bag or purse, then carry that way. There are pros and cons to each. Carrying on your body can be very convenient for you because it is quick easy access. One of the downfalls of carrying on your body is that it can be in the way at times and a little uncomfortable to wear for long periods at a time. Carrying your firearm in a bag or purse is a lot more convenient to carry around with you, but the downside may be that it’s not as quick access. Although, most conceal carry purses you can shoot through which make your weapon very concealed and very functional. I recommend that you try both methods and see which way you are most comfortable carrying. Both options can be found on our website to try out!


  1. Picking out your firearm.


This may be one of the most important parts about conceal carrying. Do not, let me repeat..DO NOT carrying a certain firearm just because somebody recommended it to you or told you that’s what you should be carrying. Is it ok to take suggestions? Of course! But go out, shoot the gun, learn the safety of the gun, and if you feel comfortable shooting it. If it doesn’t fit you good in your hands or it kicks too much and you don’t like shooting it, then chances are when a situation arises where you need to use it, you will feel very uncomfortable in an already uncomfortable situation. The whole idea behind carrying a weapon is for your comfort and safety. So make sure to test out the firearm before you invest in one for yourself.


  1. Safety and Training.


Ok now this is THE most important part. Once you have picked out a firearm that you like to shoot and feel comfortable in, you need to invest time into shooting and training with this firearm. Learn how the gun works, be comfortable operating it in life like scenarios. Go to the range and practice. Practice wearing/carrying your firearm and pulling it out quickly. Work on your form of holding the firearm correctly. The more familiar you can get with your firearm and handling it, the more comfortable you will be using it if the situation ever comes where you need to use it. Practice practice practice. Go to your local gun range and spend time with a professional on how to properly use your firearm. The more gun knowledge you have, the more gun safety you have.


  1. Stay relaxed but be situationally aware.


There is no need to think everyone is out to get you all the time. However, bad things do happen when you least expect it. Stay aware of the environment you're in and the people you're around. Locate the nearest exit if you're in a building. And always keep your firearm in a safe but accessible spot.


  1. Learn the laws.


I cannot stress this one enough. Some states you do not have to obtain a conceal carry permit in order to conceal carry. What having the permit does do is allow you to carry in places that you normally wouldn’t be allowed to. Learning the laws of where you can carry and where you cannot carry is very important, but you also need to learn the laws of when you are in the RIGHT to pull a gun on somebody. No, you can't just pull a gun on somebody driving down the highway out of road rage and no you can't even pull a gun on somebody if they are on your property despite what some might think. Owning and operating a firearm comes with BIG responsibilities. And if used incorrectly, BIG consequences. So know your laws, know when and how you can use your firearm for defense, and where you can carry at.



Thanks for reading our tips on carrying for beginners! These are just our tips from being seasoned concealed carriers. Please do all of your research on laws, firearms, and what to carry your firearm in. We want safe, law abiding, strong, independent, citizens carrying. Stop the crime!


Please visit our website for options on concealing your firearm!

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